My son, Alex, is going vegan. He just finished a book called “Fast Food Nation”, and it affected him so profoundly that he has decided to give up all meat protein except fish and dairy. If you’d like a hint of what’s in the book, google what’s in chicken McNuggets and look at the answer in Wikipedia (it’s actually soaked in ammonia before it graces your lips). I guarantee you’ll never touch another nugget; in fact, you’ll probably avoid fast food altogether (if you value your health). I’m no alarmist, but the information in this book is alarming. I’d given up fast food many years ago, not because I knew what was in it, or any moral issue, but I never felt very good after I ate it-my stomach didn’t like it, and it let me know for hours.

The book also takes you inside a standard slaughterhouse-boy, is that ever good reading………

Alex gave a presentation on this subject to his English and Social Studies classes, and the kids were shocked. I hope it made a permanent imprint on their young and growing brains, that, for their own health, and the health of our nation, this type of fast food has got to go. We are poisoning and giving cancer to ourselves……Seriously folks, think about what it is you are putting in your mouth-it has major consequences on your health!

The food industry is not out there to make sure you are healthy and feel good-it’s all about the money.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.