What Our Clients Say

“I have known John for several years and have referred many patients to him in that time.  When I need someone who is knowledgable about the body, it’s proper mechanical function and how to restore that function…I call John.  My patients always comment on how professional John is and how wonderful he is to work with.”

-Dr. Chris Williams D.C.


It is with great pride that I write this testimonial about John Blilie….I met John eight years ago after I had pancreatic cancer surgery. After surgery I lost 60 pounds and became an overnight diabetic. As pancreatic cancer has only a 3% chance of survival rate, and the survivors only live 1 to 2 years after surgery, I didn’t think that I would survive.

My wife heard about John Blilie, and suggested that I try using him since I was not motivated to do anything, being as weak and depressed as I was.

Here it is eight years later, and I am still using John 3x/wk. I am 82 years old, and John helped me gain my strength and function back, not only from pancreatic surgery, but also from kidney and bowel obstruction surgery as well.

We have recommended John to 5 of our friends, and all are still using him. We obviously recommend him highly.

-Earl Schnitz, Scottsdale, AZ


As a pain management physician, I often hear patients describe how pain and illness take over their lives, affecting their ability to enjoy their usual hobbies or even maintain basic functions. I advise every one of my patients that exercise is essential to health and well-being. Staying strong and active, maintaining balance and endurance are all critically important regardless of the ailment. John provides this. I trust John with any of my patients, and would refer anyone to him without reservation.

I can attest to John’s expertise in the field partly because I attended graduate school with him studying the science of exercise. He not only knows the basics of exercise prescription, but has stayed current on the leading edge of research in this field. He employs skills learned in graduate school to critically examine the latest research on exercise and health and apply the findings to his clients.

One key benefit of working with John is his ability to provide results for his clients at home with minimal use of equipment. I tell my patients that, although Gyms are nice, they are not necessary to achieve your goals. John has the ability to develop a program for each client tailored to their specific needs without having to leave the home.

Lastly, I send people to John because I know he is a kind and compassionate man. He treats everyone with the respect they deserve. He can identify with the struggles many of his clients endure, and he not only provides advise for a better life . . . he lives it.

Dr. Allan Rowley, M.D., Scottsdale, AZ


I have had the pleasure of having John Blilie as my Personal Trainer for over 6 years. He has helped me significantly to improve my overall strength & agility. When we first began our sessions, there were many exercises I couldn’t do. Over the years, I have seen the improvement & stamina my body now has. He personalizes routines for me based on my ability, always raising the bar. I can honestly say that our workouts are FUN as he uses different props that totally mix up the routines. Sometimes I’m skipping like a child, sometimes I’m doing pull-ups, push-ups, throwing a ball, or doing floor exercises. As our bodies age, core balance becomes vital & John’s training methods focus on maintaining that ability to stay upright while challenging the body’s limitations. I know I’m always going to get a good workout with John. Although each session is different, I am aware of my improved strength from prior workouts. At the end of our session, I have so much energy & strength to carry me through my hectic days.

-Tina Freeman, Age 52



After working with you for about two years, I’m seeing improvement in my overall health. The exercises you’ve given me for my scoliosis are so helpful. Also, I feel more stable and no longer walk looking at the ground to prevent stumbling and falling. My bone density test was improved. I feel stronger. I handle my packages from the supermarket and refuse help from the baggers. I don’t dread getting down on the floor to exercise since I find I can get up easier. I could hardly believe it when I was able to stand on one foot for about 15 seconds without holding on. I watched other people do this in exercise classes and I never could. Now I have to conquer doing it on the right foot which is the weaker one. In addition, my posture is improved. I’m making a concerted effort to walk upright and not stooped over. I’m so pleased you are helping me with my specific weaknesses. Thanks for being a great therapist.

Toby Jalowsky