I know I keep harping on the importance of exercise. I know that physically and mentally trying to fit it in can be challenging. Personally, I have daily motivation in the form of my clients. Walk with me for a day and if you’re not motivated, nothing will motivate you.

I see so many people fighting disease and disuse; a man fighting for his life from pancreatic cancer, another with a┬áparalyzing fear of another fall, a man fighting to be able to walk and get rid of his motorized scooter, a brave woman trying to regain function after two major strokes-I could go on and on…….

My point is that exercise is your best, proactive, preventative approach to ending up in situations like those above. Exercise trumps all medicines in any of the disease conditions. Sedentary lifestyles are easy to maintain, until you get one of the above conditions. To a person, all of these people above wished that they had started exercising sooner.

If the thought of this doesn’t motivate you, perhaps nothing will. Keep trying, the payoff from exercise is enormous.

Stay well, John R. Blilie, M.S.