I came across a report from an MD who attended a conference on Vitamin D at UC-San Diego last month (Dr. Julian Whitaker). Everyone knows that Vit D prevents rickets (malformation and weakness of bones). New research shows thatVit D supplementation during pregnancy may reduce the incidence of a child developing type 1 diabetes. Currently, most of the worlds population, including 85% of Americans, is always deficient in Vit D at this time of year. It’s almost impossible to get optimal levels from food alone-the reality is we get most of our Vit D from sunshine.

In a nutshell, Vit D keeps the cells in various tissues and organ systems healthy. It is a major component of a healthy immune system, shows great promise fighting certain types of cancer, as well as the above mentioned benefits. The recommended daily dose of D3 (the best supplemental form) is 2,000-4,000 IU’s. You can have your vitamin D levels checked by a blood test. For more info, email me at john@haveithealth.com