Woke up this morning, less than eager to do my Sunday workout. I had to battle with the other person who lives in my head. I think most of us have those two (or more) personalities in our brains. You know, one that wants to do the right thing (exercise, eat right, etc.), and the other other that wants to just be lazy, eat doughnuts, watch TV. To tell you the truth, sometimes that guy wins-but not today. Did my workout and felt so much better after.

By the way, a great supplement to your diet is turmeric root powder (also known as curcumin), it’s the herb used in curry dishes. It is a super anti-inflammatory agent, is thought to be protective against Alzheimer’s and stroke, and is a known liver detoxifier. You can get it in tablet form or in a powder. I take the powder, 1 tbsp (~1500 mg) with 8 oz of  pomegranite juice and water. It’s a tad bitter, but I muscle it down.

Stay well, John