As feared, my computer had a virus, 43 of them to be exact. These viruses were able to get through 3 different security systems on my computer: cox security suite, McAfee, and PC Tools. The total to fix all? $452.90. I did get a new virus protector that just came on the market-I’ll get you the name. Our computer guy says it’s the best thing out there, and the cost is a $50.00, one time payment. Not bad….What is bad is how dependent to my computer I have become……….

I was doing a little work on supplements for my book, and thought I’d share some info.

I take several vitamin supplements, part of a proactive approach to my health plan. It’s not that I don’t have a good diet plan, but it’s extremely difficult to eat everything that’s good-for-you, all the time. For instance, there are days when it’s difficult for me to  get five servings of fruit and vegetables, so I take supplements.  Remember,however, that not all supplements are created equal, you need to do your research. Look specifically at the ORAC rating. A knowledgeable person at a quality health food store can answer your questions.

Different health issues and lifestyle choices may dictate taking more of a particular nutrient. For instance, I enjoy a couple of drinks most days, so I make sure I get extra B6, and I take turmeric powder to help my liver. Since diabetes runs in my family,  I also take cinnamon and apple cider vinegar ever day.  A few years ago, my blood pressure started to creep up, so I started taking the amino acids arginine and taurine, as well as Hawthorn and coQ10. My blood pressure is now normal. Since I consider myself in good health, I also take Vit C, D, B and E complex, wheat grass, and pomegranate juice to wash it all down. This is what works for me. If you have particular questions about your own situation, please email me. I’ll go into supplements in more detail in my book.

Good news, just in time for valentine’s day! Eating chocolate decreases the risk of stroke by 22% and the risk of morbidity from stroke by 46%, in people who consumed 50 g of flavonoids from chocolate, or about one serving per week. Is more better? Wouldn’t that be nice.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.