There are times, like this morning, that a shortage of time to workout is a problem. I get around this by shortening my workout to 3 or 4 exercises and doing one right after the other. For instance, today, I did 3 sets of 4 different exercises-21 reps on the first set, 15 on the second, and 9 on the third. I did ball squats, pushups, stationary lunges, and ball rollouts. It can be challenging, gets your heart rate up, and I was done in ~ 12 minutes.

The body you live in is the only one you get, so I figure it deserves a minimum of 10 minutes invested in its health, at least daily.

If there are any of you out there that are taking¬†statins for lowering cholesterol, ¬†or Beta Blockers for cardiovascular disease, it’s extremely important for you to replace the nutrient Coenzyme Q10. Your heart uses this nutrient for part of its energy consumption. It’s safe, effective, and you can get it over the counter.

Stay well.