Reported in The Archives of Internal Medicine, two new cohort studies, one in Germany and the other in Canada, show that moderate physical activity significantly reduces cognitive impairment in the 55-75 year-old age group. Moderate activity is defined as hiking, bicycling, walking or swimming 3 days/week. High activity was more than 3 days/week. I’ve seen several patients over the years with cognitive decline (I’m seeing two presently), and I can tell you this: it ain’t pretty-you better have someone who loves you close by because they’ll need to care for you. I think that putting a little activity in your daily routine is well worth it; I get reminded of it every day. Why take a chance with your brain or any other organ for that matter; just do it!

Another study from Finland showed that men who exercised 30 minutes/day at a moderate to high intensity, halved their chances of dying prematurely from lung and stomach cancer, as reported in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. They are currently doing a study on women and expect to find similar findings. Oh, they also found the subjects slept better, had increased self-confidence, AND weight-loss. You make the call.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.