I’ve seen a patient for the past month who has been beset by one health issue after another. 83 years old, he felt in good health until 18 months ago, when his knees were bothering him so much that he opted for a knee replacement. Since then, he has been diagnosed with everything from rheumatoid arthritis to fibromyalgia to lupus. Needless to say, it threw him for a loop. He is currently in an assisted living facility, and wanting more than ever just to return home. He is terribly weak-it’s what happens when you are laid up and don’t have to deal with gravity anymore. When I first saw him, he was very depressed and almost ready to throw in the towel. The nurses wouldn’t even let him go to the bathroom using his walker, unless he had someone walk with him. Can you even imagine? Quality of life? Hmmph. BUT HE DIDN’T QUIT! I’ve been pushing him on his exercises twice a week, and he has been diligent on his own, and yesterday, I informed the nurse that I thought he was ready and able to do the bathroom trip without assistance. To see the look on his face was priceless-it was like he was given the Hope diamond. Folks, this man never took exercising and keeping himself in shape seriously, he thought it would all take care of itself. But life has a strange way of knocking some sense into you if you are lucky. Please don’t wait until you are in that situation. Stay ahead of the pitchfork. It’s much harder to play catch-up, but if you have to, it’s worth it.

I want to send a good wish to A cliet’s daughter, who is undrgoing shoulder surgery this friday. Good lick and best wishes, Mrs. R.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.

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