Like many of you, I prefer to do my workouts at the gym. Unfortunately, no one knows when they will reopen, so I have to make the best of working out at home. Probably the most difficult part of home workouts (for me) is motivating myself. At home, it’s so easy to get distracted by TV, laundry, eating, etc… What I’ve been doing is exercising first thing in the morning, and telling myself I’m doing a good job. Sounds silly, but it makes me more likely to do exercise again tomorrow. The best trainer is the one in your head.

A lot of people don’t have much, if any equipment at home. Great news! All you need is your body weight. When I have to get down to feed the dogs, pick something up, or get up or down from a chair, I do a couple of extra squats each time. By the end of the day, I’ve done a dozen or two. ¬†When I’m waiting for something in the microwave, I’ll do some counter pushups or a modified plank against the counter.

Some days I’ll exercise hard for 30 seconds, then let my breathing come back to normal, then 30 seconds hard again. Amazing what you can get done in 10 minutes.

Finally, this little nugget so we don’t all gain 20 pounds: Remember, it’s easier to cut calories than to try to burn them off.

Stay well,

John R Blilie, MS OSC