The past year has been a year I’d like to put in the toilet and flush-I’m sure I’m not alone.

Stress levels have been off the charts, as some of my business connections in the mental health field can attest to.

However, there may be a simple remedy that’s available to most, is inexpensive, and is something we are wired to do; Aerobic exercise!

A study by researchers at the Emory University School of Medicine, published in Journal of Neuroscience, found that subjects that performed walking, running, biking and/or swimming at least 3 times/week, much more effectively strengthens the brain’s resilience when stressful events occur than non-aerobic exercises such as weight lifting.

AND, regular workouts are much better than any form of exercise done only when a stressful event occurs- such as doing a half-marathon the day before something stressful is anticipated.

A consistent aerobic exercise regimen leads to an increase in the protein galanin, which promotes behavioral resilience after stress occurs. Higher galanin levels do not reduce immediate feelings of stress, but they help the body cope with its impact more effectively.

Stay well,

John R Blilie, MS, OSC