I haven’t been able to blog for a few days, sorry. My wife is on an 8-day writing retreat in Sedona (no sweat lodge), so I have the responsibility for my son Alexander, as well as my usual duties. Something had to fall by the wayside, temporarily. I regretted not blogging, but I couldn’t give up my exercise routine, could I?

The other day I spoke about frailty, especially in the elderly, a member of whose group I am fast approaching. Although only 55, it seems the days and weeks go by so fast, and they seem to keep speeding up, just as I’m slowing down. This, in part,  is why I EXERCISE. Exercise helps me in several ways. First, it slows down my aging process on a cellular level, which is great but a bit intangible to me on a daily basis. More importantly, when I workout I get into a zone of just me and the champion inside me-I love totally exhausting myself physically and mentally (my wife thinks I’m a bit crazy, but it works for me). And, after my session, the world and all of my concerns sloww waayyy dowwwnnnn…. Nothing seems to rattle me, I can think clearly, and then I can actually feel my aging process slow down. Nothing else on the planet, or at least what I can mention here, gives me that feeling. True, someday I will pass on, but it won’t be because I’m too frail to fight whatever I encounter. Please keep your strength up, because only you can.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.