My son Alex and I went on a hike yesterday at Saguaro Lake-a trail called Butcher Jones Trail. We hadn’t hiked in several months, and this trail wasn’t for the out-of-shape crowd. The weather was perfect, 55-65 degrees, the lake was beautiful, as were the two Great Blue Herons we saw.

I consider myself to be in better than average physical condition. However, yesterday, I found out that I’m not n the greatest hiking shape. On the return hike, I found myself struggling to keep up with my 13 year-old tornado. Not because of my cardio fitness, but because my haunches were screaming at me to avoid doing anymore hillclimbs. I was so happy to see the car……and, like I said, I work out 5 days per week-just not hiking.

I started thinking about how fast one can lose any level of fitness they may have these days-days that are filled with moving from one sitting position to another. Physical stamina and work capacity can disappear fast. I can understand how uncomfortable any type of exercise can be for those who haven’t done exercise for a long time, if ever. Getting started with fitness isn’t necessarily fun if it makes you feel uncomfortable for the first few weeks. But it will be uncomfortable. The trick is changing your mental approach so that you keep at it until you master it. Doing something healthy for your body and your mind gives you a high like none other.

I had the most beautiful 4 hours with my son yesterday. I’m glad I was physically able to do it, and I’ll treasure the memory forever.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.