It’s my favorite time of year-temps in the 80’s, cool nights, and for me, it’s time to begin making my soups again. Turkey vegetable, beef barley, chicken vege with dumplings, and today, beef lentil. I’ve got some bones from a rib roast and some tenderloin pieces for the beef. I picked up the veges I needed this morning from the farmers market. I could eat soup every day. It’s a great way to get solid nutrition, not too much fat, and it’s filling.

While doing some research for the food section of my book, I read that there is a food industry committee that selects supposedly good, nutritious foods and awards them a ‘Smart Chioce’ label. I was astounded that Froot Loop cereal, yes, that Froot Loop cereal, has a ‘Smart Choice’ label on it. When approached by a consumer group, an industry spokesperson said they meant that “Froot Loops is better for you than doughnuts.” WHAT? They didn’t say that on the label.

This morning, I noticed an article in the paper that the committee responsible for the ‘Smart Choice” label is suspending their practice temporarily, due to complaints that too many of the foods they recommend are high in sugar. Hmmmmmmm. Be careful out there-these are the same folks that urged us to throw away our sticks of butter in favor of margarine (full of trans fats). I haven’t heard an apology for that goof yet.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.