Hi all. I’ve been absent for a few days due to technical issues with my computer. With all the stress involved, I caught a dandy cold virus. I think I may have nipped it in the bud, however, by taking the following: elderberry syrup in the form of “Sambucol”, extra Vitamin C and D, echinacea/goldenseal, and saline spray for the sinuses. This combination seems to work for me-I wish I could say the same for my computer! I pulled up Google on Sunday, only to find a seemingly innocuous survey, promising a super deal on a rose bouquet for Valentines day (my anniversary). Since then, my computer has acted really weird, closing down for no clear reason, and really pissing me off. I’ve tried to blog several times, only to be erased. The real kicker was on Sunday, while working on my taxes (for several hours), only to be slammed, but shutting off and not saving some of the info. I keep getting a pop-up saying something called “Trojan” was eliminated by one of the three security systems I have in place. If you see that warning, run for the hills.

On a health note, I was sitting for the better part of 5 hours, and my body felt it; in the neck, shoulders, and legs. What did I do? I took the dog for a walk, did some backward arm circles and chin tucks, deep breaths, and actually made it through. Further proof to me that sitting for prolonged periods is something that my body does not want to do! 

Hopefully, this message will get through!

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.