I  recently blogged (8/27/13) on the relationship between Splenda and insulin resistance (not good). New research reveals Splenda and Equal may be problematic for people with Crohn’s disease (or other irritable bowel disorders) because they appear to promote growth and adherence of E. coli. Both sweeteners contain maltodextrin, a common food additive. Researcher’s at Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute recently showed that when E. coli-an important trigger of the inflammation in Crohn’s disease-is exposed to this additive., is much more likely to form sticky biofilms. Biofilms are formed when bacteria adhere to a solid surface (in this case the gut) and enclose themselves in a sticky coating. Once this coating is formed, it is extremely hard to get off of the surface, and new bacteria are formed within this coating. When it’s E. coli, it’s not a good thing. The researchers looked at Splenda, Equal, and Stevia. Stevia is the only one of the group that did not promote E. coli. It also did not promote biofilm formation. This NIH study was published  on PLoS ONE. One important note. Maltodextrin is present in most processed and packaged foods. Please check the label.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.