Today it is raining in Phoenix, a rare but welcome occurrence. Since I do most of my workouts outside, it would be easy to blow it off due to circumstances beyond my control. However, for me to get a great workout, all I need is a 10 x 10 foot space and minimal equipment. I can do squats, pushups, stomach and hip work, etc., just using my body weight. I need to workout to help with my arthritis, but also to keep my energy up and for weight loss. Since I had to give up running several years ago, and with advancing age, it’s much harder to keep the pounds off.

Do you realize that if you burn 100 calories extra/day, and decrease caloric intake by 100 calories/day, you will lose 10 lbs. in a year! You won’t even miss that 100 calories in your dietary intake either. Weight that comes off this way tends to stay off too.

If you’d like more information on how to burn more fat and shorten your workouts, respond to this blog.

Stay well, John R. Blilie