As I mentioned in the last blog, I found some helpful hints regarding keeping correct posture while doing daily activities, in the current issue of Consumer Reports On Health. They are:

Picking things up. For light objects, such as laundry from the dryer, bend at the hips keeping your back straight. Rounding the back increases your risk for injury, even with lighter objects. For heavier items, keep your back as straight as possible and squat down instead of bending over; use your legs to lift.

Carrying groceries. Hold the bag close to your body and lift your breastbone (sternum). When unloading groceries from the trunk of your car, brace one thigh against the bumper and pull as close to you as possible, then lift.

Changing a light bulb using a ladder. Put the ladder slightly to side of the fixture rather than directly under it. This way you can reach out and up, instead of straight up, which forces you to tilt your neck back. That can constrict the blood vessels in your neck, increasing the risk of falling.

Sitting in a recliner. Spending a lot of time in a recliner can weaken your postural muscles. Instead of your three normal spinal curves, you end up with a big C-shaped curve, contributing to tightness. For TV-watching and reading, a couch or regular chair is more supportive.

I hope these help.


Stay well,

John R Blilie, MS, OSC