I posted a video today on YouTube for a patient suffering from patella tendonitis and hip/low back pain. It will be on my website within a week. Not included in the video is the correction we made to her gait; she loves to walk her dogs twice a day. Her R foot was out to the side; the toes need to point straight forward. The change may cause a little discomfort and strain in the beginning, but over the long run will benefit her greatly. The next time you are out walking, look at your feet; they will tell a great deal about your body mechanics. The hip-joint, knee, and toes need to be in a straight line (if you took a plumb line and dropped it from your hip-joint, it should line up).

Remember, the knee is in the middle; it can only follow directions from either the hip or the foot. Any issues at either place will cause stress on the knee, and you have to take care of your knees, period.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.