Many of us can find a million reasons not to exercise. Yet, as human beings, we are designed as moving machines-sitting is the root of all fitness evil. We need to devote time to act in the way our bodies were biologically designed, and that as movement machines. Our ancestors were hunters and gatherers, we have not changed that programing.

There are many exercise options today. Health clubs tout the latest cool machines with neat¬†LED display¬†layouts on their displays, TVs are there for you to look at while you are “exercising”, etc. I’ve found a better way-make your life an exercise in and of itself. For instance, while waiting for that toast in the toaster, the food in the microwave, etc., you could do squats, push-ups from the counter, balance on one foot, getting up out of a chair-the list is endless. The best of all is that you can get incredibly strong (with no equipment), just getting through your daily routine. For more info, please respond to this posting.

Health tip of the day.

Staying independent in your old age is on the minds of most of us past the age of 50. Be proactive, don’t just let life happen, take the reins. Keep your legs strong. Independence starts with the legs-it greatly helps balance, and getting through your daily routine. Control your blood pressure, keep range of motion (ROM) in your joints, stay physically active. For more info, please respond with your questions or comments to this email.

Stay well.

John R. Blilie, M.S.