One of my clients is in a motorized scooter, so I find it easier to train him at the Jewish Community Center here in Scottsdale. This past weekend, the ‘J’, or so it’s called, hosted  the Southwest Wellness and Fitness Convention. There were all kinds of exhibits and vendors, and classes ranging from yoga and dance, to heavy-duty physical boot-camp style. A good turnout too. I hope wellness is catching on….

I was working on my book yesterday, and realized that most people take their health for granted, like good health will always be there. I’d like to think that to, but I know better. A good analogy may be this: how long do you think your car will run, without occasional maintenance or care? 50,000 miles? 100,000 miles? More? I think  not changing the oil, or buying new tires, etc., are things that most of us wouldn’t even consider. Let’s pretend your car is your body; how long do you think it will run trouble-free without any maintenance? 50 years? 75 years? More? I think most of us realize that unless you’re blessed with incredible genes, the trouble can start early on, perhaps in the 40’s. If you live to 70 or 80, that’s a long time to live with a broken-down vehicle.

Should your car need a brake job, or a timing belt, you would fix it ASAP. If your house needs a roof, or has a plumbing issue, or whatever, you’d fix it quickly, no question. What about your body? You only have one of those; you can always buy another car, house, etc. Very tough to buy another body. Why don’t you do some preventative maintenance on it. Eat well and exercise are vital, to keep the parts not only moving well, but at an optimum.

My son, Alexander, tested for his Blue belt in taekwando last friday. He is doing great at it, and has risen 7 belts in a little over a year. I posted a video on YouTube; it’s under jrblilie. I also posted a few exercises on YouTube for a client whose had a hip and a knee replaced + four cervical vertebrae fused + brain surgery. He has been in and out of therapy for eight years. Now, he wants to play golf. All of these videos will be on my website in a few days.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.