It’s a perfectly rainy day here in Phoenix. Rain in the desert is akin to sunshine in Seattle; you don’t get it much but it is so welcome. My son is off to his Nana’s house today, so I think I will take a nap. My wife and I actually have a date tonite!

I have the diabetic gene, and I take care not to let it express itself. I keep my sugar intake low, exercise, and take cinnamon and apple cider vinegar. A new review, published in Diabetologia, gathered and analyzed data from 41 studies and looked at the effects on blood sugar levels of specific types of legumes, including garbanzo, black, pinto, white, and kidney beans. Consumption of a half-cup of beans daily lowered blood sugar levels, and are much safer than taking the standard diabetes drugs such as Glucophage. Beans are also high in zinc, potassium, and fiber. Enjoy.

I got the following information about nuts and their nutritional punch off of Dr. Oz’s website. Peanuts are finally “good” for you, and even better with the skins on and roasted. They contain phenolic compounds that have powerful anti-inflammatory properties which can decrease your risk of heart disease and cancers. Peanuts can finally join walnuts (good for your brain and arteries), almonds (lower LDL cholesterol), and cashews (helps prevent macular degeneration of the eyes), into the nutritional Hall of Fame (plus, they taste good). Eat them in small servings- a half-cup is great. If you don’t have a measuring cup or spoon with you, use a thumbs-up sign with your hand and a half-cup will be about the size of your pinky, ring finger, and half of the middle finger.

Finally, another benefit for having healthy blood levels of Vitamin D. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic, in association with the University of Iowa, found that people with low levels of vitamin D had one and one-half times greater risk of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma progressing and twice the risk of dying as those participants with normal levels of vitamin D. Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma occurs when tumors develop from lymphocytes, which are a type of white blood cell. I take 2000-3000 IU’s/day in a liquid form.

Now, to my nap!

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.