My work consists of providing rehab, balance, and physical to a largely senior clientele (of which I am a proud member of that group).

There is a certain amount of satisfaction working with this age group; seeing how they deal with all of the health issues that the battle of life brings along. There are days when I get home and feel upbeat, motivated  (to do the same) and positive.

And then there are days when I see what may be down the health and wellness road for me and my wife, and I’m not so upbeat.

However, over the past several months I’ve had cause to be much more upbeat, to understate it. One of clients, who will turn 94 on Monday, was given 6 months to live last November. She called me a week ago to say she was feeling pretty good and wanted to start exercising again! She has stage 4 lung cancer.

Another woman had been complaining of her bones hurting throughout her body, and found out last week that she has metatastic bone disease (cancer). I asked her if she wanted to continue and she replied “yes, I want to stay as strong as possible for as long as possible'”

And yet another client whose had Parkinson’s disease for more than 30 years, wants to walk unassisted! When I began working with him last June, he couldn’t get out of a wheelchair. He is now walking up to 0.5 mile with only a gait belt! He works so hard.

Compared to these folks, my issues are minor. They make me so hopeful, and inside me to do my best at whatever I do. To Them, I say THANK YOU!

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.