I had another reminder about how your life can change anytime, anywhere, in an instant. About 1:30 am yesterday morning, I heard my wife, Cynthia, scream my name-two or three times. I thought at first I was dreaming, but then I heard my son yell (I was sleeping in another bedroom due to the fact Cynthia was nursing a bad cold). When I came into the bedroom, she was lying in a pool of blood, having split open her forehead and upper lip. She had gotten up to use the bathroom, tripped (we presume over the dog), and fell head-first into a shelf next to the bathroom door. I was able to stem the bleeding until morning, then took her to her primary care doctor-I knew she would need stitches, and with a head injury, there could also be swelling on the brin, concussion issues, etc. As I supposed, he wanted us to go to the ER; he set the wheels in motion and contacted a plastic surgeon. We spent most of the day in the ER yesterday, and, luckily, other than the two major cuts, there were no further complications. While sitting in the ER, I was given another reminder on how quickly your life can change, how you need to heed “carpe diem”, and live each day to the fullest. Be kind, gracious, and grateful to others and yourself. I received a big reminder yesterday.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.