I’ve blogged several times about my personal journey on the way to improved health, and I wanted to share something that happened the other day. My work day consists of providing in-home health services to anywhere from five to eight clients a day. As a result, I make my lunch and pull into a park or parking lot to eat it. The other day I had sardines with avocado in my lunch, and as I sat to eat it (with the windows down), the aroma from a nearby Burger King wafted across my nose. Immediately, the old tapes in my head resurfaced and I thought gee, A burger and fries sounds much better than what I have. Knowing full well which foods were better for me, this battle in my brain went on for what seemed like an hour-in truth it was only a minute or so. In the end, the sardines won out, but I was surprised how difficult the battle was after all this time. Bottom line is that I had success, and I will continue to occasionally have these battles but intend on winning most of the time. This little lesson is part of the reason why I have lost 40+ pounds since April of 2011 and have kept it off. I’m not perfect; I do have one or two cheat days per week, so I’m really not depriving myself of anything food-related. But this lesson reminds me that I have to stay diligent on my health quest. I would love your feedback.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.