I have a client, Earl, who I have been seeing for over eight years. Earl is a WWII vet, and has had his share of challenges¬†AND triumphs. Currently, he’s had a recurrence of pancreatic cancer which he beat eight years ago. Earl is undergoing a grueling three-month chemotherapy routine that is really taking the wind out his sails. But you know what? He refuses to give up, still having me come 2-3x/week, and doing what he can. It’s because he realizes that life is a battle, an endurance test-life comes at you like a boxer, throwing punches at any time, and Earl knows that the only way he stands a chance is to keep as strong as possible through EXERCISE! Earl has a better excuse not to exercise than anybody else I could think of, and he refuses to go that route. With the support and encouragement of his lovely wife, Rachel, he is meeting life head-on. My hat is off to Earl.

Stay well, John R. Blilie, M.S.