Do you want to lose 50 lbs? Or live in a mansion? Never worry about finances again? We all have our dreams, the problem is that sometimes they are so grand that they get in the way of our goals. One of my dreams is to become an author, to write about my passion, which is helping people improve their health. I’ve been laboring to write a book for over 6 months, now I’ve just started. Looking back, I think my dream got in the way of my goal, that is, rather than gabbing the ‘low-lying fruit’, I was shooting for the stars. Sometimes our dreams are on such a grand scale that we neglect the work in the trenches needed to get there. That’s why I created this blog, and am writing a newsletter and some articles to submit to magazines/newspapers. A goal first, to get to my dream.

If you want better health, why not start with a small workout program, or yoga, qi gong, tai chi, etc. Instead of wanting to lose 50 lbs., why not start with 5lbs? Let your goal lead you to your dream.


9 Super Foods for better health. 1) Sweet Potatoes, loaded with potassium, carotenoids, Vit C and fiber. 2) Grape tomatoes, packed with Vits C & A, fiber, and phytochemicals (taste good too). 3) Broccoli, Vit C carotenoids, folic acid, and cancer-fighting compounds. 4) Wild salmon, with omega-3 fats which help reduce the risk of strokes and sudden heart attacks. 5) Crispbreads like Wasa, Ry Krisp, etc. have lots of fiber and often fat-free. 6) Brown rice for fiber, magnesium, copper, zinc, Vit E and B6, and phytochemicals. 7) Citrus friuts, rich in Vit C, folic acid, and fiber. 8) Butternut squash, payloads of Vits C & A and each 1/2 c has 5 grams of fiber. 9) Spinach & Kale, jam-packed with Vits A, C, & K, folate, potassium, magnesium, iron, lutein, and phytochemicals. Enjoy!

Stay well, John R. Blilie, M.S.