A major study has shown that as little as two 15 minute strength training sessions per week provide surprising health benefits. Strength training can convey the same cardiovascular benefits as aerobic training if you keep the intensity up, plus significant reductions in body fat and substantial gains in muscular strength and endurance. Other clinical trials have found that resistance training can reduce high blood pressure. Strength training also makes the muscles more responsive to blood sugar, thus lowering levels, promoting weight loss, and warding off diabetes. It also stresses the muscles connection to the bone, resulting in greater bone density, much better than Sally Fields and “Boniva.” Resistance training also boosts metabolism, preventing the buildup of fat, important for preventing cancer. It also strengthens tendons, ligaments, and muscles, which makes ankles, hips, knees, and shoulders more stable, and spurs the growth of new cartilage, helping in the fight against arthritis. Remember, your body doesn’t recognize a rock from iron, or body weight from a machine. Anything that gives you resistance will stimulate the above adaptations. Isn’t your body (which is the only one you’ll ever have) worth at least 30 minutes a week?

PS: Even Dr. Mehmet Oz has jumped on the apple cider vinegar (acv)  program. On his website, realage.com, he touts acv for use in controlling blood sugar after a meal. If you can keep the spikes in blood sugar down, you can control insulin, and therefore reduce fat storage. And, we don’t want to store any more fat.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.