We have become a culture of skin “phobes”, told not to ever go out into the sun without sunscreen. Dermatologist’s everywhere scare the heck out of us. (Dermatologist’s are heavily invested with the cosmetics industry. You can take it from there…..). Dr. Michael Holick begs to differ, and recent research backs up his claims. “We don’t get enough vitamin D, and our richest source is the sun”. Dr. Holick was fired from Boston University’s department of dermatology in 2004, by recommending that people get out in the sun, unprotected (except for the face), for at least 15- 30 minutes, 3 times per week. Dr. Holick states that vitamin D is vital for fighting certain types of cancer. In mice, it reduces tumor growth for prostate and colon cancer by as much as 50%. Very little vitamin D can be found in food sources-dairy products are fortified with D, but only about 100 IU’s per serving. The latest recommendations are for 1000 to 3000 IU’s per day, so supplementing is necessary.

I read the other day about the need for post-menopausal women to exercise for an hour every day to maintain normal weight. They looked at moderate exercises like bicycling, walking, swimming, etc. I still maintain that short-burst, high intensity exercises for as little as 15 minutes will work much better, and I have seen the proof in the clients that I serve (they also take their apple cider vinegar). If you would like more info, please email me at john@haveithealth.com.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.