James Fries, M.D., an expert on aging at Stanford University, says, “If you had to pick one thing that came closest to the fountain of youth, it would have to be exercise.”

Exercise maintains healthy blood vessels for good circulation, boosts immune function, strengthens bones and muscles, relieves joint pain, helps manage weight, and copes with stress. Exercise also keeps the heart, lungs, and other organs strong and fuctioning at high levels.

According to experts, people who exercise regularly live longer, healthier lives. We are all aging. If you want to age with fewer health issues, you must exercise, period.

There is no exercise that is better than the others, but the manner it’s done can get you fitter faster, and in less time. Short, high intensity bursts are best. You can burn more calories in less time and probably with less boredom (if you don’t particularly like exercise). The hardest part is getting yourself up off the couch. Once you do get the ball rolling, exercise is self-perpetuating, if you keep your eye on the prize, in my opinion the best prize ever-your health.

Stay well, john R Blilie, M.S.