<p>I know the words in the title don’t inherently seem like they go together, but in the constant fight to heal your body, both are of the highest importance. In addition, I have made exercise my life’s passion-I’ve seen the tremendous good it has done to hundreds of clients. Conversely, I’ve never seen it harm anyone.</p>
<p>One of the ways to keep exercise fresh is to make it as fun as possible. I play with my son or my dog, in short little bursts of activity, and it all adds up in the great scheme of things. I will hopefully live longer because of it-if not, I know I will live better.</p>
<p>The Super-foods. Green foods are great sources of nutrients. We all are trying to add more veges and salads to our tables. But, there is a concern for the nutritional quality of veges you but in the stores due to: a long ground-to-mouth time interval due to various factors, and concerns about mineral depleted soil. Super-foods, such as chlorella, alfalfa, spirulina, barley, and wheat grass are gaining popularity. As far as food anti-oxidant values, these foods are tops. Following is a breakdown of some of the two of the super-foods. The rest will be covered sequentially in my blogs this week.</p>
<p>Wheat grass-whole books have been written about the curative powers of wheat grass, and my wife, Cynthia, swears that our son, Alexander, is so smart because of her use of it during her pregnancy with him. When taken as a fresh liquid, 15 lbs. of fresh wheat-grass has the nutritional equivalent of 350 lbs. of veges. There is documentation of success of wheat grass in rectal implants in colon cancer cases. I wish my father would have known that. Further, wheat grass helps cleanse the blood, organs, and GI tract, and is recommended as a way to stimulate metabolism and enzyme activity-it also is noted for its ability to normalize the thyroid gland, which has multiple benefits-one is obesity.Chlorophyll in wheat grass helps to strengthen cells, detoxify the liver and blood, and neutralize pollutants. Its ointment has been used to successfully treat such skin disorders as skin ulcers and itching.</p>
<p>Spirulina is an algae with the ability to grow in both ocean and alkaline waters. It has high quality, easily digestible protein, providing all 21 amino acids, and the entire B complex of vitamins, including B12 (which is essential for red blood cell production and healthy nerves). B12 is often lacking in those over 65 because the activity of the enzyme needed to break it down from food decreases. Spirulina is also rich in beta-carotine, minerals, trace minerals, and essential fatty acids. It stimulates both intermediate and long-term energy.</p>
<p>Alfalfa is a body cleanser, infection fighter, and a natural deodorizer, because it’s a rich source of fiber. It eliminates retained water, and relives urinary and bowel problems. It is frequently used therapeutically for arthritis, intestinal and skin disorders, liver problems, breath and body odor, and even cancer. It is also used to treat bladder infections, all colon disorders, diabetes, anemia, and as an aid in normalizing estrogen production.</p>
<p>I’ll do further info on super-foods such as aloe vera, chlorophyll, barley, and chlorella in the next week.</p>
<p>Stay well. John R. Blilie, M.S.</p>