Hi, I’m back. We just had the outside of our house painted and I didn’t realize how much extra work that meant for me- a lot of bending, carrying, lifting, climbing, etc. I said to myself several times, boy, I am glad I am in shape for this or it could be a problem. There is something very satisfying to be almost 55 years-old and still be hanging with guys that are 30 years younger. It feels good! That is one of the reasons that I exercise!

Almost 60% of all Americans have tried dieting in some form or another, and 99% have failed to achieve their goals. In addition to apple cider vinegar, I’ve tried another approach. I took a week and listed everything I ate and drank and at what time I put the item into my mouth. I found that at certain times I crave chocolate chip cookies, especially after a meal. So I thought that if I could still have them, and not restrict them, I could manage to still eat them and lead a healthy lifestyle. Here is my plan: take 1-2 days per week and have a ‘cheat day’ where you can have the comfort foods like mac and cheese, cookies, or whatever it is that gives you comfort. I found for myself, that if I try to restrict something I like, I think about it to excess, and are likely to binge on it. If I know I can look forward to it on a ‘cheat day’, I don’t. Results? 6 lbs. of weight-loss and I still can satisfy my craving. Try it.

Stay well, John R. Blilie, M.S.