I saw a sign the other day that said “Xmas calories don’t count.” I beg to differ. While its way too tempting, with all of the goodies that come out this time of year, to say, “so what, I’ll take them off with my New Years resolution.” Don’t kid yourself, it doesn’t work that way. I have not been given the most forgiving genes when it comes to keeping weight off. Although I weigh only 5# more than I did in high school, it takes a lot of discipline. I need to exercise more consistently, and I need to keep a healthy food consumption plan. Here are some tips I use. #1. I drink 2 full glasses of water before each meal. #2. I allow myself 2 cheat days per week. I don’t eat many sweets, but I have an affinity for chocolate chip cookies and red meat. So I plan to have those items twice per week- it keeps me satisfied and I don’t crave them. I make fish and chicken every which way so I don’t get sick of them.#3. Getting 5-9 servings of fruits and veges every day is tough, so I supplement with wheat grass, barley grass, and plenty of vitamins and minerals daily. #4. I like beer; heck I’m from Wisconsin and up there you’re practically weaned on the stuff. If I can eat soon after coming home, I don’t want a beer during or after eating. #5. In the winter, I eat a lot of soup (homemade, and clear, not creamed). Soup gives me a full feeling, I can put all of my veges in there, and once you make it, it’s easy to warmup. Thank God my family also likes it.

I want to give 2 big thumbs up to a good friend from Wisconsin-he has lost ~40# since August, by eating wisely and exercising (at a high intensity). Great work Jeff!

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.