Yesterday morning I awoke to severe pain in my left hip and groin area to the point where it was difficult to walk. I’ve had this happen in the past once or twice and it has led to my back “going out” for several days. I immediately heated up a heat bag and applied it for ~ 10 minutes. Then I laid on my back and did what I call the clock face. Imagine your pelvis being on the face of a clock. When you press your back flat, that’s 12 o’clock-when you roll onto your left cheek, that’s 3 o’clock. When you arch your back and go onto your tailbone, it’s 6 o’clock, and when you roll onto your right cheek it’s 9 o’clock. To begin, you move in 15 minute segments; go from flat back to right cheek and back 3-4 times, then from right cheek to tailbone (3-6 o’clock), and work yourself around the clock clockwise, then counterclockwise. Then go to to 30 minute segments, then 60 minutes. Do not push with your legs, let the small, intrinsic muscles of your abdomen and pelvis do the work. Then I stretched my hip flexor by standing with my left foot on the floor and took a big step with my right leg. Keep your shoulders over your hips and lean your body forward to feel a pull in the front of your left hip-then raise your left arm towards the ceiling and hold for 20-30 secs. Then I laid on my back and put my left ankle on my right knee and pulled my legs up towards my head-you should feel a good pull in your left cheek. It worked, because the pain all but disappeared! When I figure out my new flipcam, I will be able to show you video on this and many other stretches/exercises.

Stay well, John R. Blilie, M.S.