In my last blog I mentioned Dr. Stuart McGill, aka. the “back mechanic.” I want to share a few more tips from him so you can hopefully avoid injury. Injuries can happen when you least expect it.

” First thing in the morning: After eight hours in bed, your disks will hold more water than usual. That means there’s more pressure within the disks, making them ripe to bulge. Wait at least an hour before doing anything that requires lifting or bending”.

“When you sneeze: Most of us bend over to sneeze, which puts the lower back into a compromised position. It’s better to stand tall, lift your head, and sneeze upward (into your elbow if no tissue).”

I’ve had a half-dozen clients over the years that have actually ruptured a disc by sneezing. Please heed the advice from Dr. McGill.

Another statement by Dr. McGill gave me pause: “Your back can take 10 years to actually heal from an injury, not the six to 12 weeks your insurance company might claim.”

Stay well,

John R Blilie, MS, OSC