We had a series of big storms go through here last week, and the amount of rain we got nearly equaled our total for all last year! Luckily, I fertilized my lawn two days before and it is looking so green now. Last Sunday, I had to do storm cleanup-my front yard was full of pine needles, branches, and other debris, so I again cut the grass, spending about 3 hours on the lawn and pool. One of the great things that I noticed was that my back doesn’t get nearly as tired and sore anymore, and I attribute that to the fact that I have been so diligent about my exercise program-I’m doing at least some exercise 5x/wk. Now, I’m not superman-just an average Joe, and there are plenty of days that I didn’t want to. But, it was the ease of which I was able to do my yard work that was so uplifting and gratifying, that all the exercise really paid off. Health reasons aside, that’s a primary reason that I do exercise-to enable me to do the things in life that I either have to-do or like to-do, without pain, that make the effort so worthwhile. The means to an end. Find your end and I’ll show you the means.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.