My last blog a couple of days ago showed some of my favorite pelvis exercise/stretches; I forgot one of my favorites. Sorry.

The iliotibial stretch (ITB) is a necessary accomplice to the ones I showed you. Here it is.

Lie on your back. Take one leg up with a straight knee, and place a strap, rope, or a non-stretch band on the ball of the foot. Place the leg on the floor across your midline and turn the knee and toes inward (pigeon-toed). Pull the raised leg across your body and point your toes and roll the ankle outward. You should feel a stretch from the outer part of the lower leg to the outer part of the hip.

The ITB is a muscle/fascia that can cause hip and knee problems. There aren’t many stretches that target this area-this is a good one.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.