I’ve been on the apple cider vinegar (ACV) bandwagon for some time now. Not only has it helped me with losing weight, blood sugar, and digestion, it has also shown up on Dr. Oz’s website, realage.com. It appears that this tangy condiment does double duty burning fat. It prevents the body from storing fat while also boosting it’s ability to burn it. What could be better? As I’ve said before, I take two tbsp, 2x/day, 15 minutes prior to breakfast and dinner, and it has helped me lose 8+ lbs. to date. Plus, my blood sugar is in the normal range (diabetes type 2 runs rampant on my Mother’s side of the family). In the study, the participants took 1-2 tbsp/day for 6 weeks. They only tested ACV, but other types of vinegar may also work-I like ACV because it’s loaded with potassium (from apples).

Vitamin B12 is super important, especially as you age. It is involved in energy production in every cell, and is invaluable for red blood cell production (read O2). Deficiencies lead to pernicious anemia, and other vital cellular functions. As is the case with other nutrients, the ability to metabolize B12 declines with age, so supplementing is a must for those over the age of 50. Something I found out recently: B12 is much better assimilated (absorbed) into the body with food, particularly fats. Try to get 1000-2000 mcg/day of this vital nutrient. I’ve found a great liquid supplement at Costco, of all places. It’s called “liquid shot”. It has 2500 mcg of B12, and when I drink it (not on an empty stomach), I definitely feel a boost in energy, but not like a caffeine high, just a natural buzz. Give it a try.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.