One of my clients, who became a close family friend, passed away a couple of weeks ago. He was also the inspiration for the book I’m currently working on. He will be missed, but after 89 years on this planet, he probably needed to move on.

There was an article written in the British Medical Journal last summer, stating that taking calcium supplements may increase the risk of heart disease. I don’t buy it. There are too many studies previously done on calcium supplementation that found no such problem. Recommendations are for 1000-1500 mg/day.

To avoid or control osteoporosis, in addition to calcium, Dr. Julian Whitaker also recommends Bioidentical Hormone Replacement (requires a prescription), Vitamin D3 2000-5000 IU/day, Vitamin K2 (MK-7) 150-300 mcg/day (talk with your doctor if you’re on blood thinners), and Strontium Citrate 680 mg/day (take two hours after taking the calcium). 

I mentioned remedies for high cholesterol a few days ago. I neglected to mention Niacin (high-dose Niacin is best used under a doctor’s care), Plant Sterols (plant sterols are part of the membrane of the plant cell, they appear naturally in fruits, vegetables, legumes, and certain vegetable oils like corn and soybean)1,500-2,000 mg/day, Fiber (from flaxseed, glucomannan, or psyllium) 30-35 g/daily, including any dietary fiber you are currently eating.

Please enjoy your last few days of the first decade of the new millennium, and have a great New Year.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.