New research by several food companies is aimed at fooling your tummy into thinking it’s full. Jenny Craig (owned by Nestle’s), Kellogg’s, Unilever (Slimfast), and Royal DSM (Fabuless), are all on a push to decipher satiety-the language of the belly brain telling the big brain, I’m full, don’t eat any more food.

The enteric nervous system, also known as the stomach brain, helps to balance the body’s feelings of hunger and satiety. Since our default mechanism is set on hunger due to our biological programming, it is no small task. So these companies are attempting to ‘trick’ our gut brains. This has been tried before-anyone remember “Olestra?”

As I blogged about the other day, eating too much is more than just a simple fix, but perhaps this is a beginning??????

I recently blogged about sitting too long and the adverse effects on health. New research indicates that taking short breaks    from sitting for even or minute or two throughout the day helps trim waistlines and reduce level of C-reactive protein, an important marker of inflammation in the body and a harbinger of heart disease. Please, get up and move a bit.

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.