One more reason to lose weight. A new study has associated air pollution with a 20% increase in diabetes, and obese persons are at higher risk, due to the fact that fat stores a lot of chemicals. It is already known that air pollution increases cardiovascular and pulmonary events; this is the first time public health officials have studied the effect on diabetes. The study appears in the October issue of DIABETES CARE.

Flossing not only helps prevent heart disease, but, according to new research, also helps prevent head and neck cancer. Periodontitis causes bone loss in the gums, and a 1 millimeter loss was associated with a four-fold increased risk of those cancers.

I think that summer has finally ended here in Phoenix. I put on my swamp cooler, shut off the AC, and actually got cool water out of the cold water tap. Finally………….

Stay well, John R Blilie, M.S.