What have you done for the past 24 hours? Have you invested any time for your mind and body? You need to invest some time into taking care of yourself, meaning exercise activity of some sort. You can buy a lot of cars, homes, toys, clothes, etc. throughout your life, but you only get one body. Think about it-if you’ve got time to play on the computer, watch TV, don’t you have time to invest in yourself?

As promised, more on the benefits of the green grasses.

Barley grass has 5x the iron of spinach, 7x the Vitamin C and bioflavenoids of orange juice, and 11 times the calcium of cow’s milk. It helps to repair DNA and delays aging. Barley juice has anti-viral properties, and neutralizes heavy metals. It is an ideal food-source anti-inflammatory for healing gastrointestinal ulcers, hemorrhoids, and pancreas infections. It’s anti-inflammatory effects trump those of steroid and non-steroidal drugs, with no side effects.

Aloe vera has long been used for healing cuts, sunburns, insect bites skin sores, acne, excema, and burns in gel form. Aloe juice is now becoming widely used for easing digestive problems, laxative properties, and for colon and liver disease. New research also shows encouraging results for treating arthritis, skin cancers, and varicose veins.

Chlorella is a complete protein food, with all the B vitamins, vitamins C & E, and a host of minerals. It has a particularly beneficial effect on intestinal and bowel health, detoxifying the colon, eliminating heavy metals, and promoting the growth of friendly bacteria. It strengthens the liver, reduces arthritis stiffness, lowers blood pressure, relieves gastritis and ulcers. It’s also effective in weight-loss programs. It’s benefits are long and impressive, from detoxification, to energy enhancement, to immune system restoration.

Stay well, John R. Blilie, M.S.